Pure Heat Community Festival

Pure Heat Community Festival showcases the different meaning of unity with pride. We celebrate a unifying force that provides the resources to promote and accomplish goals in HIV/AIDS awareness & prevention, human rights, education, outreach and a better understanding within our community of people from ALL walks of life. We showcase skills, talents and vision with alternative innovation through the production of The Pure Heat Community Festival.

Equipped with Market and Food Vendors, a hair show, sponsor moments, community forums, giveaways, performers & a world re-noun artist, our day of unity brings together a collective spirit of community. We are honored to utilize this opportunity to bring awareness of a community impacted by HIV/AIDS, and spearhead campaigns towards Environment Protection, Youth Mentorship, Education & Career Advancement, Women’s Health & Wellness, and Homelessness Transition. The Pure Heat Community Festival is a front seat into an awesome gathering of minority LGBT people and allies in the nation.

The Vision Community Foundation

Our Vision is to impact and transform our community through outreach, awareness and prevention.

Our Mission is to empower people mentally, emotionally, educationally, socially and economically. As a community based organization, we are inclusive of ALL people, fully embracing people of every race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, family configuration, physical & or mental condition, and all other distinctions which are the rich tapestry of the human family.

The Vision Community Foundation Inc. has provided support services for the greater Atlanta Community for over 6 years. Feeding thousands of women, men and children through our Bread Of Life Program, tested hundreds and linking reactive(s) to health care through our HIV/AIDS programs and initiatives, addressed Women’s Health through our Breast Cancer walks and awareness projects, provided education and training through our GED programs and improved the lives of our community through our LGBT initiatives through collaborative efforts with our partner company Traxx Girls Inc.

Traxx Girls, Inc.

Traxx Girls, Inc. is an Atlanta, GA based entertainment company specializing in providing captivating events for women. Since April 2006, Traxx Girls, Inc. has been on the cutting entertainment, choosing some of the nation’s most noteworthy cities to showcase events. Traxx Girls, Inc. ensures the ultimate entertainment experience with their award winning precise planning and attention to detail giving event attendees an atmosphere to enjoy. As MillerCoors Taste, Appreciation, and Prestige Award recipients and The Esteem Award winners in the category of Promoter of the Year, each innovative event represents creativity and artist-free form expression for the alternative urban chic.